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Here's why we started Furxury!

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

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So this is how the story begins.

I love Mcdii but i really hated cleaning up the mess created by the war of cooking. Thus, kibble is naturally my best next option.

This is Mcdii! My precious baby who inspire me to start up Furxury

Kibble is cheap and convenient, to me, of course. I did notice that Mcdii dislikes kibbles but loves human food especially chicken. (How ironic? Luckily his name is not KFCii!) When i fed him with kibble, he would sometimes retaliate by starving himself for days, forcing me buy or cook chicken meat for him. How smart! (It is a love hate relationship with him)

However, I conveniently ignored all his protests. Instead,I bought him different brands of kibbles, ranging from famous brand to normal market brand, but he just didn't like it, none of the brand. Perhaps all the kibbles smell and taste the same for Mcdii.

Well, being a determined owner, I keep trying to find new brand for him to try. I believe that one day,he will give in and accept kibbles as his food (or fate.. hmm) but I AM OBVIOUSLY TOO NAIVE! At that material time, he was so skinny because he refused to eat. A bowl of kibble can last him for two to three days.

And here came the plot twist when Mcdii turned two.

On this one gloomy day, when I returned home looking forward to see my beloved Mcdii, i was shocked to discover that Mcdii was acting in a rather strange way. He wasn’t as active nor as happy like he used to be. He looked tired, distressed and appear to be in pain and suffering.I then found out that he didn’t pee for the whole day. I didn’t bring him to vet immediately (Mama is so sorry Mcdii!) I genuinely felt so guilty for not being alert and failed to realized to seriousness of this matter. I merely continued to observe his condition until the second day.

On our way to hospital and Mcdii looked misery and in agony

He tried to pee but there was only a few drops of urine with blood. Finally realise the severity of this matter, I brought him to the vet clinic nearby immediately. I reached the veterinary hospital just in time before they closed! Phew! Luckily they were willing to take Mcdii.

The vet took an X-ray and found out that there were a lot of kidney stones inside his penis and that causes him the pain and suffering. I was advised that he was in critical condition and I was recommended to bring him to the veterinary hospital immediately before things got worse...

Those in red square box were all the stones. It was a lot!

Initial attempt were made to cure Mcdii without the need of operation whereby small pipe was used to go through his penis in order to clear those stones. Mcdii CRIED and STRUGGLED to get away from the vets/nurses because it was EXTREMELY PAINFUL!

(To all gentlemen out there, I know you can imagine how pain it was for that process)

In the end, anesthetics was induced to ease his pain.

Looking at him, my heart ache and sank to the bottom of the sea because there wasn’t anything that I can do to help him.

The process was repeated for several times but it failed to clear the stone. Mcdii was admitted to hospital and undergone operation immediately. He was safe and sound in the end. However, I was informed that Mcdii could have been dead if I failed to send him on that day due to urine toxic.

The vet was rather surprised to find out that Mcdii was only TWO (2) year-old as it is abnormal/rare for a young active dog like Mcdii to suffer from kidney stone, not to mention the severity of his condition. From our conversation, she suspected that the main reason for his condition was…….kibbles (and my laziness I supposed??)

My mind went blank at that moment…………..

And guiltiness was so overwhelming that i wished i could turn back the time.

Thanks god Mcdii was finally discharged 2 weeks later! It is a happy ending!

Look at his happy and ecstatic face!!! Mama loves you ❤️❤️❤️

And you can imagine my face expression when i received the bill. HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, that’s my fault and I have to take the responsibility for this!

I will never forget the anxiety I went through that night and the pain and suffering Mcdii endured. All these suffering could have been avoided if I have made an effort to at least study what to feed him. I shall never let convenience override the best interest of Mcdii, the precious of my life.

I started doing research and studied pet nutrition. Now, I love to cook for my dogs! It becomes my passion to look after dogs’ health now. Satisfaction fill me up when I see dogs enjoy their meal and stay healthy!

After all, that is why I started Furxury in the first place!

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer in choosing food for your dog, be it raw diet, homemade diet or kibbles. However, ensure some research was done before you make up your mind. If you prefer kibbles, please read the ingredient list to ensure NO harmful ingredients have been used before you feed your dog!

If you are interested to know in understanding the ingredients list, We would love to share it with you for all our furkids out there! Find us on Facebook, Instagram or WeChat: @furxury where we share our experiences and knowledge.


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