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The Fur Trading

In ancient times, fur was used to protect humankind and keep them warm. People back then also believe wearing animal skin enable them to possess superpower such as wearing the fur of a leopard, they gain the power of speed and intelligence. However, the use of fur as a basic needs and believes had slowly changed to a symbol of social status and finally become a symbol of wealth and fashion.

Fur trend becomes worse when celebrities and film stars were spotted wearing fur clothing. Soon, fur started to fall short for the market demand and fur farming started to develop which contribute to animal exploitation. However, most of the people who wear fur did not realise those animals are suffering and being slaughtered in a cruel way for their fur and skin.


Leather is one of the most commonly used animal skins in clothing and other fashion accessories. Every year, many animals such as pigs, cattle, horses and more are killed to fulfill human vanity. These animals were confined in an inhumane condition of factory farms and their process of killing is extremely cruel. Animals are kept in a narrow dirty cage with inadequate food, water, sunlight. They are hung upside down alive and bleed to death before their skin is carved out. Some animals are even skinned alive in front of other terrified animals.

Can you endure the fear to see your own kind being killed and knowing that you will be the next?


Some leather products are so fine, smooth and soft that you will have an illusion that they are alive. To produce such quality products, an animal will be slaughtered when they are young. The younger the animal, the softer the skin. Baby goats are boiled alive to get their skin without any damages. Some dairy cows are sent to slaughter when they are pregnant. Hence, human can remove the baby calves from their slaughter mother and get the most luxurious calfskin.


No, reptiles can't run away from this tragedy too! Snake, crocodile and lizards are used to make shoes, handbag, wallets and belts. The way they are killed is as cruel as those other animals. For snake, their head will be chopped off using a machete or nailed to a tree in order to peel off their skin. You think the process of killing seems mercy as their head is chopped off or nailed once they are captured because they are dead and won't feel a thing? No. You are wrong. Due to their slow metabolism, snake remains conscious and thus, needs to endure the pain when their skin is being peeled off.

Another way of killing them is to beat them to death. People will hang them up and pump water into the snake body because the skin is easier to remove when the body is bloated. They will be hung and wait for their body to be slit open and once the strong and protective skin are gone, the snake may still be alive and suffer for a few days before dying from dehydration.

Another commonly used fabric materials are wool. Sheep will produce wool that is enough to protect them from extreme cold weather. Thus, what do we do to get from these wools? You may think shearing fleece from sheep is the same as we get our haircut. The truth is the process of sheep shearing is much crueler and more horrible than you can think of. Will you get kicked or hit or even killed when you get your haircut? No, you don’t. But some of these poor little sheep are being consistently kicked, hit and abused and lastly killed because of their wool!

Can you imagine the pain if you were the one who being shorn bloody?

Human slaughtering animals for fur can’t be described using only words because it is hard to bear. Here are some videos and photos to understand how do the animals felt in those killing processes.

Many of us would have assumed these leather and fur are a by-product from the meat industry. Unfortunately, they are not. Many are hunted and killed just because of their skin and fur. Some cats and dogs are also being stolen for their skin and fur. Some of those animals still have their name tag on and they were someone else beloved family.

There's no need to sacrifice these animals to keep ourselves warm and stylish. The market now has so many high-quality alternatives like vegan leather, cotton or synthetic leather to use as fabric materials. To put a stop on these cruel acts, it starts from you and me. Stop buying real leather and let's make the world a better place with less suffering animals!

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