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The Life of an Animal Performer

Jungle is a place full of life because all my friends such as birds, monkeys, deer are living in this paradise happily. The sky is blue and the trees are covered with moss. Like they are wearing a green clothes. Birds are chipping and calling each other in distant with their wonderful melodies and monkeys play with each other by swinging up and down from tree to tree. Of course, we still need to be aware of animals like tiger and lion because we are food to them, not their friends! Ha! Maybe, just maybe, it is not that bad to become their food…

All of a sudden, I am back to reality. There's no friends, no chirping, no blue sky, no green land. I've been captured and captived by man from my faraway home. They transferred me to a place to become one of the animal performers. It's been so long and I have already lost count of days in this dirty little cage which they called my new home.

Piaaaakkkkk! My back tingle and I feel the warm liquid dripping down my skin. “Wake up! You stupid little thing!” shouted by a man dressed in black. I open up my eyes immediately and there he is, standing tall in front of me and all I feel is fear towards him.“I'm so sorry! I am way too tired of yesterday's training. Please stop beating me! It is painful! Please stop! I'm really sorry!” I screamed and tried to tell the man my feeling but he just couldn’t understand. All he heard is Pawoo and keeps hitting me with a bullhook.

As I look around me, all animals like tiger, bear, horses are kept at the same place like me. Look, even the King of Jungle can’t avoid this tragedy happening to itself. I miss the old days with my friends in the jungle, back then, they looked ferocious, strong and powerful. When they roar, all of us run and hide ourselves to avoid being feast, we run for our life! But here? At this new place, they made us called home? The King of Jungle learns to obey the command to avoid being whipped.

Everything is different here, all my friends lost our spirit and is always depressed. I can always see my bone under the skin because the man dressed in black will starve me before I master the skill he wants. I am confused... Why I have to stand with only one leg, or jump over a burning ring or even worse, ride a motorcycle? I bet, the man can’t do what they want us to do. I am forced to do things that is not in my nature and I need to undergo harsh training for at least 10 hours a day. Frequent beating and starving during training is a new norm to me, to all of us. Finally, a day training has come to an end and I will be chained in this narrow little cage that allowed me to barely turn around.

I miss my freedom in the jungle. I wish to go home, to go back where I belong.

“Let’s welcome our cute little Dumbo for the next performance!” I heard people clapping their hands and is so excited to see me. They feel surprised and happy to see animals perform something that is not in our nature, even man can't perform. Look at their face, they don't know, don't they? The difficulties I am going through everyday, living in hell. Training after training, whipping after whipping. Why do they want us to entertain them? I feel no fun, my tears are dropping, this is our blood, our lives! This is abuse!

The noise from the crowd and music as well as the lighting make me feel uncomfortable and angry. I want to run away from this place! I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this! I want to stop all these cruel abuses on me! I want the people to know we are being tortured and abuse behind the scene! With all this distress, I LOST IT... I start running around the circus, kicking my trainer and throwing him away from me. I run around and knock things down, believing I can escape like this. People are screaming and running away from me. I thought they like me... Why they don't like me like this? Did I hurt them being this way? People are shouting, “The elephant has gone crazy! Shoot him down! Fast!”

Lastly, I escaped. Away from the circus. I ran, running all around the street to find my way home. Bang! Bang! Bang! The gunshot echoed throughout the streets. There are too many of them, blocking my way and shoot at me. “Please let me home. I didn't mean to hurt these people. Please don’t shot me.” I am begging but they don’t understand. They keep shooting. Slowly, my footstep becomes heavier... Blood started running down my face and I lost my strength... Laying down and it all turns black...

When I open my eyes again, I see the blue sky and forest that I miss so much. Breeze blow through my face and I am finally free...

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