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What comes to your mind when you think of animal cruelty?

(Please note: May contained uncomfortable images.)

We will like to raised awareness of animal cruelty during Animal Cruelty Prevention Month which is still happening until this day...

These images show defenseless animals being abuse intentionally by people. In this article, there is only one form of animal cruelty shown. However, different forms of abuse are still happening to different types of animals around the world.

Sadly, attention toward animal cruelty still doesn't earn enough impact around society, many people prefer to turn a blind eye on this issue.


Even if you are not an extreme animal lover, there is no reason to be a horrible human being that cause harm to animal! The responsibility of preventing and stopping animal cruelty belongs to everyone. Because you could've made an impact by showing a little bit of love.

Firstly, to fight for animal rights and to stop animal abuse, we need to create more awareness. We need to understand what is animal cruelty and how can we stop this from happening.

We will explore more issues about Animal Cruelty in the next post.

See you and thank you for caring!

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