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Delivery is fixed on 15th & 30th of every month. (except for February)

Order closed* on 12th (11:59 pm) & 27th (11:59 pm) of every month.


Payment and order must be confirmed before order closed*. All order made after order closed* will be automatically scheduled to next delivery day. Furxury meals only deliver within Klang Valley area in the current stage.


If your pet eats twice a day (400g each meal). Select quantity of 800g meal plan. Please refer to Dog Feeding Guides to know which portion you should feed your dog.



You may switch pork with lamb OR switch duck with sardine.

You may not switch pork/lamb to duck/sardine.


We suggest not to switch meat as different type of meat provides different type of nutrition sources. Unless your dog is allergic to certain meat, it is recommended to feed them different type of meat.

Monthly Menu - Premium | Dog Menu Sets

Portion (g)
  • Mellow-Yellow (Lamb) x 8 sets

    Youthful Ball (Duck) x 4 sets

    Ocean Meat (Sardines) x 8 sets

    Meaty Ball (Pork) x 8 sets



    Total of 28 sets meals for 28 days.