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Velvet Alabaster | White Dog Shampoo 500ml

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A bottle of Velvet Alabaster Luxury Soap free Shampoo comes with the best of both worlds, where premium meets with natural ingredients. We completely and intentionally avoided using ingredients that could cause harm to your dog, you and the environment by replacing economical traditional/commercialised chemicals to more biodegradable ones' such as SLS/SLES with natural coconut oil. It is known primarily for its nourishing effects for sensitive and dry skin to help condition and protect dogs natural fur coat. Just when you think that was all, every stylish bottle is blended with premium Essential oils to further boost coat and skin protection. To finish the blend, we added our world class fragrance inspired by our luxury perfume for pets range into each bottle leaving your pooch the finest and most outstanding .


Velvet luxury soap free shampoo is:

  • Soap Free (SLS/SLES)
  • Colorant Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Premium Ingredients
  • No Harsh & Toxic Chemicals
  • Made with Natural Ingredients
  • Food Grade Preservatives
  • Polymer Based Conditioner (Silicone) Free
  • Natural Essential oil blend
  • Use less more wash formula
  • pH balanced for dogs skin type

Rest assure that you'll be fully satisfied with every drop of our luxury soap free shampoo as it is delicately made with care and thoughts. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

All You Need To Know

Description : Velvet Alabaster SOAP FREE luxury dog shampoo is a special Australian formula made by our own in-house-chemist with the finest and the most natural ingredients. It not only provides the best nourishment care and protection for your dogs skin and fur coat, every drop is fused with the finest scent from France ispired by our very successful Luxury Perfume for Pets.

What does it smell like : Pink Velvet takes you back to a floral mountain forest, opening with fresh rich fruity blends of juicy passion fruit mixed with sparkling notes of wild red apples. The heart fuses the scents of yellow rose and musk giving a sweet & inviting aromatic base note.

Suitability : Our shampoo is suitable for All dog types (both gender) puppies or adults. It is pH balance especially for dog skin different from human's body pH.

Packaging : Luxuriously stylish large 500ml amber bottle (protects shampoo from deterioration from sunlight), easy grip bottle shape and with our use-less technology (1 pump wash more).

Key Benefits : every bottle is made with natural coconut oil base (super nourishing effect), Soap Free (free from harsh detergent), Premium Essential oil extracts (boost immune and conditions skin and fur coat, World Class perfume fragrance, Free of artificial colorant, free of harsh and toxic chemical, Food grade preservant.

More Features : every drop of our soap free shampoo helps prevent bacteria, virus and germ growth, it promotes recoveries from sensitive skin conditions, Nourishes dry skin and promotes fur gloss.

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