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Animal Fighting, also known as Blood Sport

Animal Cruelty for this Animal Cruelty Prevention Month. Let's look into one of the acts put on by humans as entertainment — Blood Sport.

Animal fighting or blood sport is a staged fight between animals for the purpose to entertain humans. Animals are put in combat sports such as cockfighting, dogfighting and forms of hunting and fishing. They are put in the ring and fight until death with no chance to escape. Animal fighting is cruel because animal will injure severely during the fight. However, some people enjoy these scenes which push these activities to continue. Humans that found excitement in Blood Sport even bet on one of the animal "contestants" which turn this into a type of business and a source of income for the owners.

Dogfighting is the most common animal fighting business. It is happening globally because many parts of the world have outlawed dogfighting activities as it still remains popular until now. This type of animal cruelty still exists because people are allowed to gain profit from the gambling system around dogfighting.

With the advancement of technology, the internet has formed a platform for dogfighting breeders, dogfighting trainers, clients and fans to discuss and share information that includes latest training methods, where to buy training equipment or even broadcast dogfighting on the Internet to allow people to bet online.

Let's go through what dogs have been throughout dogfighting. Firstly, both dogs are forced into the fighting ring, facing each other and ready to fight. The fight usually takes around 2 hours or more until one of the dog total collapse. The fighting scene is so disturbing, yet, some humans feel so overwhelmed by it. In the other hand, dogs in the fighting ring have to fight for survival and humans fight for money and pleasure. This type of pleasure need to stop. Expert said, dogs don’t do this naturally, they are trained to become so cruel and ferocious.


Animal fighting is illegal but how do they manage to operate this illegal trade? Basically, this is how it works. There will be a company that sells, buy and transport dogs globally and also a middle person who will liaise with the client online through WhatApps. They can discuss and choose the dog they want as well as getting the chance to see dogfighting video including the dog that’s offering for sales. Once the deal is made, they will prepare documents such as blood tests and export certificates to transport the dog to the new owner. They even have personal work as a vet to issue needed documents.


If you think dogfighting is cruel, the way fighting dog is raised and trained is even merciless. Training process takes around 2 years from the day the dog was born. The dog is often kept chained by heavy chains for the purpose of building up their upper body strength. They also need to run on the treadmills and swim in the pools for hours to build their endurance. Sound healthy? You may try it yourself, hoofman! Remember all of this is without their willingness, they do it to survive. They are frequently beaten and starve because starvation and abuse create a desperate and angry dog which is needed to become a fighting dog. A fighting dog can’t be friendly or showing mercy to people or other animals. However, if being nice happens, they will either be killed or used as a bait dog.


Bait animals are used to test fight dog fighting instinct and enhance their aggressiveness. Bait animals such as cat, rabbit, or weaker dogs are usually tied to the post with their snout taped shut or human will break their teeth so that they can’t fight back and hurting fight dogs that are more valuable. The life of bait animal is cruel. They are used repeatedly until they are finally dead or sustain injuries that doesn’t allow them to perform the job anymore. Sometimes, after the bait training session end, the dog is allowed to tear the bait apart and kill them.

Do you know, where do those dog trainers get these bait animals? Normally they steal or seek out other pet owners who want to give away their pets but avoid bringing their pets to shelters.


When the dog is around 15 months, it will have its first fight to see if it is a valuable prospect that can go for a fight. If not, the dog will be abandoned or killed. The second fight started at around 19 months of age, if the dog is successful, it will be scheduled for a fight show and start its fight dog life.

Dogfighting is an ancient pastime. However, in these modern days, people see this activity as a business. They can earn a big profit from a single dog fight. If you have a champion fighting dog, people are willing to pay a big sum of money for the purpose of breeding their female dog with him.

We here, hoping through this article and awareness that have been created, animal cruelty activity can become a thing of the past. Animals deserve to live in this world with love and peacefully but not to use as a tool to entertain us.

Give love, stay peaceful.

Code that people use among dogfighting:

  • Campaign: a fighting dog’s career

  • Champion: a dog who has won three fights

  • Convention: a large dogfighting event, sometimes with accompanying activities like music and food

  • Dogmen: professional trainers and handlers

  • Grand champion: an undefeated dog with five wins

  • Gameness: tenacity and a willingness to fight (critical qualities for a fighting dog)

  • Prospect: a young, aggressive dog identified as a potentially good fighting dog

  • Scratch lines: lines in a dogfighting ring behind which the animals start in a match

  • The keep: the training a fighting dog undergoes leading up to a fight, lasting about six weeks

  • The show: a dogfight

  • Breeding stand: a barrel or stand that a female dog is tied to while a muzzled male dog mate with her

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