Raw? Kibbles? OR Cooked Food? (Which One Is Better For Dog)

Raw? Kibbles? OR Cooked Food? (Which One Is Better For Dog)

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Have you ever get confused on what is the right food to feed your pet dog? Raw? Kibbles? Cooked food? Due to the changes of lifestyle, we want our pet dog to eat healthy and have a longer life too! So that we can accompany each other for a long long time and live happily ever after. Let’s see what are the popular claimed on these food.

Raw food is good. Think about what dog eats back in the old days where they’re not a house pet and they need to hunt their own food in the forest. They eat it raw!

Kibbles is good. My pet have been eating kibbles since I don’t know when. And it’s convenient and comes in large pack. And I believe expensive kibbles are healthy!

Cooked food is good. Cooked food kill all the bacteria in the raw food. They are also well balance in terms of nutritional value. They must be consume fresh too!

Since there are so many facts out there! Let’s see how we view upon these facts!

“Well… Well… Well… Raw, kibbles or cooked food, whose the healthiest of them all?” 

Raw, kibbles or cooked food work and don’t work on every dogs. Some dogs consume and digest raw food better than the other two choices. Some dogs prefer kibbles. Some dogs are allergy to raw food and can only consume cooked food. There’s no certain fact that prove all dogs must only consume one and the other choices are bad!

So, for all the dog owners who get confuse all the time by many claims from different people. Believe in yourself that you have the ability to make your own decision. Just let your beloved pet tested out different kind of choices. Find out which diet fit your dog the best!

How? Observe their behaviour after consuming each food for a period of time. Through all those experiences, you will know what is best for your pet dog and which one is it’s favourite!


There’s no need to worry or get stress out because of pet food. After all who knows your pet like you do?

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